Fetish PARTY for the Worship of Mistress Belladonna
and her beautiful guests, both Mistress's and subs!

Nov. Party Theme was NECTAR! and featured the Mistress Punch Bowl


The NEXT KINK PARTY ELITE, friday DECEMBER 17TH FROM 9PM TILL 1AM 2010; This will be my Aniversary KINK party Elite, and a very special XXXMas part indeed. With over 15 woman attending, new Dommes in training and new pretty sub girls. We will be playing n a BIG NEW DUNGEON, with fabulous dungeon equipment, and toys. The pics below are from the NOV 2009 party with the theme "WE SHALL HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF nectar !!!" however NECTAR will be in abundance AGAIN, by popular BEGGING!!!
Basically this is a Fetish party, in which a minimum number of slaves(1 to 3) pay one price to experience a 3 hour kink party with many Mistress's, including play with her Empress Belladonna! Also involved are many beautiful young subs, and some regular VANILLA girls too. This KINK PARTY ELITE is ONLY HELD ONCE PER MONTH.

These special "ELITE" slaves are chosen on a first come first TO SERVE basis. If you would like to be a server or maid at the parties call Mistress as well. In this first party there was a toilet slave, foot slave, a cbt slave., and a "kiddy" pool. The party will be held in MY FETISH LAB and outside private courtyard. It will be private and discreet, and VERY VERY KINKY, so reserve your spot in this UNIQUE party today. You won't find anything like this anywhere else except maybe Germany...
The donation is to be discussed upon your call. A deposit must be secured in Mistress Belladonna's donations, found here on this site
so hurry up! Get off your knees, and call !
THE LAST PARTY WENT LIKE THIS...story by Mistress Countessa
Mistress Belladonna’s November, 10th Slave Part Elite
All at Mistress Belladonna’s Super Slave Party Elite had a fantastic time, especially Our guest of honor… One special slave had a night to remember forever! I should know, I was Our slave’s designated “cock-handler”.
The night began with all the Mistresses, slave girls and vanilla girl’s alike adding their own sweet nectar to the “Slave Punch Bowel”. This ‘Exquisite Yellow Liquor’ was to be served to Our guest as a treat at the end of Our devilishly delightful evening of combined torture and severe humiliation.
Once Our plaything for the evening was presented by Mistress Belladonna to all the lovely ladies at Her party, We all pointed and laughed with sadistic delight as his puny member was presented to Us on a specially designed cutting board, truly showing that Mistress Belladonna’s form of CBT is in fact, on the ‘cutting edge’! After a few cocktails and a good laugh at his expense, We were instructed by Mistress Belladonna that We would be able to tease, torment, & humiliate this special slave at Our whim, and boy were We happy to do so! His cock and balls were also available to torture at the slightest infraction.
After leading the slave from the patio to the Dungeon, Mistress Persia Lynn took over and bound Our ward tightly to the bondage table. After defacing Our slave (writing “cum dumpster”, “slut” and “fuck me” all over his helpless body) Mistress Diabolika proved that She could hit a two ball home run with a mini- Louisville Slugger, as Lady Katherine pounded the shaft of his pecker as if She were competing for top prize on TV’s “Iron Chef”! His penis looked like chopped meat when We were done!
Since Our charge happened to be a dirty foot fornicator, all the ladies went back to the patio to get Our pretty feet filthy. he then had the privilege of cleaning the dirt off of bottoms of Our feet. The winner’s of the “dirtiest foot contest” got to choose the larges battering ram for Our slave’s ass. Needless to say, the slave was forced to suck cock and moaned like a whore, and was gang – raped repeatedly by some of South Florida’s hottest Mistresses…



  Contact Information

   For more information about the Queen Goddess Belladonna
    and the Slave Party Elite, contact:



click this pic

    call between 11am and midnight

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